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"Wild details emerge about weird Game Masters making the players forget they had other hobbies."

NEW BOOK: Creative Story Telling Techniques

Improve your GM skills from beginner to advanced. Get the players more involved in your story, deliver your adventures in more entertaining ways and use simple tricks to get rid of passive NPCs!

Explore new 30 Black Belt techniques and deliver your story in a refreshing way! – All in less than 60 pages. 

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Expand your GM skills set

This book is intended for you, the Game Master, who already knows the fundamentals of game mastering like the back of your clawed hand (the rules, scripting your adventure, tying characters to the story, etc.), and is ready to focus on conducting your roleplaying masterpiece.


I've tried many of these techniques successfully in my games and can say that they really have brought more excitement into play.


I think the best part here is that this book collects useful storytelling techniques into one handy guide and presents them in a way that is easy to understand.

Julius, Game Master


Black Belt Techniques is a great
and useful tool for helping GMs
run a more fun game.

The methods and advice 
presented here bring a lot of
extra spice into games, making
them more memorable, for both
me as a GM and my players.

Jarkko, Game Master


Such a good book, really captured a way of running a game that speaks volumes.

A great resource.

Simon, Game Master

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Build tension.
Enliven your scenery.

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Create motivations
and make them game elements.

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Bring NPCs alive. Act.

Create a milieu for all senses.

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Do not wait for something to happen, make something happen.

Your story, your style

Learn new storytelling techniques to create an adventure
that stands out from all the rest.

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What's your strength as a GM?

Are you a master at creating encounters, but would like to present the drama in a more compelling way? Or do you know all the rules by heart, but would like to build tension in a refreshing way?

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Are you ready to direct the scenes to make them more exciting?

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Describing the scene and bringing NPCs to life, the basics of immersion.

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Game mechanics

How do you handle the rules?

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Get your new techniques now!

  • Surprise your players with unique techniques of getting them more involved in the story.

  • Deliver your adventure in more entertaining ways.

  • Use simple tricks to get rid of passive NPCs making them better react to players in your game.

  • Available in fast-to-read PDF format

FREE Glorantha download

Hopefully, this free extension of the Black Belt techniques can give you some ideas on how to get more Glorantha vibes into the narration of your campaign. Glorantha shouldn't feel like just another generic fantasy game.

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