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SILPOMATON (Award winner)


Concept design, Art Direction, Copywriting, Campaign design


Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a violent, inhuman and unnecessary procedure for millions of young girls each year. The client wanted an impactful, emotive and activating donation campaign.


The concept of "Silpomaton"(Unmutilated) and the title "Six girls on a knife-edge every minute" are coupled with high-quality visuals inspiring people to think, donate and act.

The message was communicated to potential  donors via a website and especially face-to-face street marketing. In the second stage of the campaign many public figures volunteered as spokespersons.


The campaign won the the "Ad of the Month" prize at Magazine Publishers' monthly competition. The customer was very satisfied with the results. The number of donors and donation volume was exceeded in record time.


Jussi Löytökorpi, Pasi Leino, Marina Laakso

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